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Magazine - Articles in September 2011 (Page 5)

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BRS employee Jack Evans (right) serving a customer at the store recently. Pride of Busselton Shines
12 Sep 2011 - Health and Safety - Agsafe
A well-earned dose of national recognition has come Busselton’s way with a local NRI rural outlet receiving the September Agsafe Achievers award.
FountainLine Offer Long White Line Promotion NZ Only
12 Sep 2011 - Offers - FountainLine
FountainLine are proud to announce the appointment of Prebbles Turf World as its National NZ Distributor of it hugely successful range of Sports Field Line Marking products.
Grasshopper Turf New Technology in Planting Warm Season Turf
12 Sep 2011 - Industry News - Grasshopper Turf
Turf planting technology has just been advanced by the design of a brand new machine to improve the planting process of warm season turf. Check out the video and more inside:
Sea Spray Sea Spray is a Natural Choice for Coastal Neighborhood Park
12 Sep 2011 - Industry News - Press Release
Residents of Chula Vista are enjoying the wide, open spaces of newly built All Seasons Park. Constructed in the summer of 2010 then opened later that fall, the neighborhood park features an all-purpose sports field that is used for soccer and peewee football, along with a playground area for small children and a full basketball court.
GreenCast Anaerobic Soils
12 Sep 2011 - Consultancy - Editor
Soils are comprised of mineral (sand, silt, clay), water and air. Oxygen or the air component, which comprises 25 percent of soil, is important in root respiration.
ohio state program Mike McKenna Speaks on Interning at Scioto Country Club in Columbus Ohio
11 Sep 2011 - Golf - Editor
Mike McKenna from England/Scotland who is interning at Scioto Country Club in Columbus Ohio, (home club of Jack Nicklaus when he was growing up)talks about why young guys and girls with NVQ's should consider coming to the States.on The Ohio Program www.ohioprogram.org

Fairway vs Gang Mowing Ride on Fairway Mower vs Gang Mower
11 Sep 2011 - Mechanics - Murray Wells - 3 comments
Spring is rapidly approaching and some of the maintenance facilities that I look after are preparing their mowers for the onslaught of fresh spring growth. For many small clubs, the machine that often bears the brunt of this growth is the trusty fairway mower.

Eden Park Eden Park Open's RWC 2011
11 Sep 2011 - Rugby - Editor
In front of 60,000 fans at Eden Park, Rugby World Cup 2011 was officially opened amid spectacular fireworks and pageantry.
John Deere John Deers New Z925A EFI
11 Sep 2011 - Industry News - Press Release
John Deere product managers and engineers talk about the new Z925A EFI zero turn mower that can reduce fuel costs up to 25%.
Rotorua's International Stadium Rotorua's Stadium to be Proud Of
10 Sep 2011 - Rugby - Editor
Castlecorp's general manager Mike Davies knows Rotorua's International Stadium will be looking its best when the spotlight of the Rugby World Cup shines upon it this afternoon.
Agsafe Queensland Stores Setting the Pace
10 Sep 2011 - Health and Safety - Agsafe
Two diverse Queensland rural outlets have created history by becoming the first two stores to achieve Agsafe Advanced status.
QBE Sydney Swans Academy Lakeside Oval Lights Up
10 Sep 2011 - A.F.L - Editor
The QBE Sydney Swans Academy, in partnership with the AFL, has taken a major step forward in its quest to nurture the talent pool in Sydney with a new 200-Lux lighting system launched at Lakeside Oval last night.
McLeod Country Golf Club McLeod County G.C is on the Mend after Flooding
9 Sep 2011 - Golf - Editor
Paving the road to recovery at Mt Ommaney's McLeod Country Golf Club has been made easier thanks to a $50,000 grant from Golf Queensland.
Fleet Stand Hard Surface Marking Special Offer for NZ
9 Sep 2011 - Offers - John Carr
At Fleet Line Markers we pride ourselves on providing the best, cost eective and innovative solutions for grounds sta around the world
The proposed golf course at Lake Wollumboola near Culburra Beach. Callala G.C Fear for Membership if New Course Goes Ahead
9 Sep 2011 - Golf - Editor
With plans for a proposed 18-hole championship golf course and clubhouse on the cards for Culburra Beach, other local clubs are concerned about the impact it may have on their memberships.
Hand Mowing Stadium On the Night Shift with EPL's Swansea City
9 Sep 2011 - Football - Laurence Gale MSc - Issue 37 - June / July 2011
Dan Duffy, Head Groundsman at the Liberty Stadium in Swansea UK, is renowned for his early starts, as our UK editor found out to his cost!
VGA VGA K&B & CCC Edcuation Day Invite
8 Sep 2011 - Bowls - Dyson Appleyard
The VGA along with K&B Adams and Campbell Chemicals would like to invite all members and Non members to a informal education session
Brett Sipthorpe Brett Sipthorpe Insight into being a Groundsperson or Sports Turf Manager
8 Sep 2011 - General News - Editor
Brett Sipthorpe & more talk on becoming a groundsperson or sports turf manager is all about. Watch the video inside.

Eden Park Rugby World Cup is Here!
8 Sep 2011 - Rugby - Rob Jenkins - 1 comment
No more waiting the Rugby World Cup (RWC) is finally here! With television audiences of over 4 billion people and attendances in the millions, it’s a carnival marked on every rugby fan’s calendar around the world. PC Oceania takes a look at the stadiums and Curators behind the big event.

Mike Orloff What is One Member Worth to You?
8 Sep 2011 - Golf - Mike Orloff
Have you ever calculated what one member actually spends during their life as your member?

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