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Moore Park Golf Club Turf Australia calls upon Councils to Formalise a Green Space Ratio
3 May 2012 - Industry News - Turf Australia
As part of a national marketing campaign to promote the benefits of turf and preserve community grassed spaces, Turf Australia is calling on councils Australia-wide to formalise a minimum green space ratio.

Home Lawn Lawn Adds $75,668 to the Value of a Aussie Home
13 Feb 2012 - General News - Turf Australia
Aussie home buyers are prepared to pay up to $75,668 more for a lawn, according to a national survey of residential real estate agents. The survey, conducted by Turf Australia, found Victorian lawns offer the highest value (19 per cent) to a home, ahead of New South Wales.

Turf Australia 2012 Next Generation Vic Forum & Workshop
23 Jan 2012 - Shows and seminars - Turf Australia
Turf Australia is organising a Next Generation event to assist young producers or employees of turf production businesses to gain further knowledge, foster leadership, motivate and inspire young members of our industry.

Kikuyu Aussies say a Lawn Makes a House a Home
19 Oct 2011 - Industry News - Turf Australia
Backyards are part of the iconic, outdoor, Aussie way of life for 82 per cent of Australian homes, but only 30 per cent of homeowners know how to care for their grass, according to industry research by Turf Australia.