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FairwaySpraying2 Monitoring - a Useful Tool, Poorly Employed
25 Jun 2012 - Consultancy - John Handley
Monitoring is a very powerful tool if understood and utilised correctly. However, it has been written into many management plans without serious consideration of its implications. Words can lose their value and impact through both misuse and over-use, and monitoring may be such a word. The word monitoring is derived from Latin and means ‘to warn, counsel, advise, prompt or remind’

Nematodes Chafer Grubs Professional Application Using Nematodes - A Form Of Biological Control
25 Sep 2011 - Golf - John Handley
Chafer grubs can cause an incredible amount of costly damage to fine turf surfaces. John Handley examines the use of nematodes as a biological control on fairways at Ashburnham Golf Course.
Soil Lab Advancement of Science in Turfcare
22 Sep 2011 - Consultancy - John Handley - Issue 38 - August / September 2011
I recently undertook a fact-finding mission in Ireland. No, nothing to do with the 'black stuff'; it was a whistle stop tour of the facilities at Queen's University in Belfast. Dr. Colin Fleming and Maggie McDowell were kind enough to give up their time to allow me to look into the case study they are currently undertaking on behalf of BioMass Sugar.

Grass Identification Grass Identification - What Have We Got Here?
30 Apr 2011 - Consultancy - John Handley
ALS botanist, John Handley, says that, with some experience, it is possible to look at a sports surface and make an accurate judgement as to the proportion of different species present. However, as with all skills, this only comes with practice and, in the intervening time, we have to start somewhere.