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Seaweed Food for thought!
14 Dec 2010 - General Sports - Steve Nicholls
Steve Nicholls, Director of Sea-Chem Ltd., outlines the many uses of seaweed in everyday life, from ice cream to sexual lubricants, and how the products can be used in the turfcare market

UnderwaterKelpBeds.jpg What's it all about? Algae!
18 Sep 2010 - Consultancy - Steve Nicholls
In our first article, The Wracks Progress, we looked at the historical uses of seaweed and, following the lead from the Rio Earth Summit, how many alternative uses have been, and still are being found. In this article we shall be looking at the growth, harvesting and sustainability of the seaweeds used in our ecologically superior products.

Seaweed The Wracks Progress!
19 Jul 2010 - General Sports - Steve Nicholls
Perhaps the most sustainable crop on the planet, seaweed is being heralded as the answer to the ever decreasing list of chemical products for the turfcare industry. Sea-Chem's Steve Nicholls reports.