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Advanced Seed & Oregon Seed Research Advanced Seed Talks Invite
17 Jan 2012 - Shows and seminars - Rick Pullman
Advanced Seed are pleased to invite you to lunch with John Patton, Vice President & International Sales Manager for Seed Research of Oregon. John has a wealth of knowledge in the turf seed industry and will present on a range of turfgrass species applicable to your turf area.

Advanced Seed The Oregon Seed Certification Program
26 Jun 2009 - General News - Rick Pullman
That’s right, that little Oregon Certified Blue Tag is your only guarantee that the seed in that bag is the variety/varieties specified & that it is top quality.Without the tag, you could be buying floor sweepings– or worse !
Advanced Seed Versatile Red Fescues
22 Jun 2009 - General News - Rick Pullman
The use of lower maintenance turfgrasses is increasing in Australia.
Advanced Seed oo7 Creeping Bentgrass
21 Jun 2009 - Industry News - Rick Pullman
oo7 is an advanced generation creeping bentgrass variety developed by the new Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station (Rutgers University)working in cooperation with Richard Hurley, Ph.D.

Etihad Vic 34.JPG Etihad Improves Turf Surface
18 Jun 2009 - Industry News - Rick Pullman
It was only a few years ago that the surface of Etihad Stadium (formerly Telstra Dome) was constantly discussed due to it’s poor playing surface & the continuous need for turf replacement.