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Primo Maxx Enhancing Fairway Turf Quality - What is Primo Maxx? Part 2
16 Jan 2012 - Consultancy - Greencast
Simon Barnaby, Scotts Professional: Primo Maxx is very widely used on golf greens and tees across around the world. However, there is lesser appreciation of the enormous impact that a Primo Maxx programme, along with the right nutrition, can have on enhancing the turf quality of fairways.
Primo Maxx Enhancing Fairway Turf Quality - What is Primo Maxx? Part 1
15 Jan 2012 - Consultancy - Greencast - 1 comment
Simon Barnaby, Scotts Professional: Primo Maxx is very widely used on golf greens and tees across the UK.
Black Layer Impact of Sulfate (SO4) in Wastewater on Turfgrass Fertility and the Black Layer
2 Nov 2011 - Consultancy - Greencast
Wastewater is usually rich in nutrients and levels must be considered when developing a fertilizer program. In general, turfgrass plants require 1.5 to 3.0 kg elemental S per 100 m² per year for growth.
Diagram where greens have been divided into 12 sections for moisture testing The Art of Watering is Changing
30 Sep 2011 - Consultancy - Greencast
For those of you enjoying the cool weather of winter, here in the United States we are experiencing high temperatures and equally high humidity. High humidity greatly reduces the evapotranspiration rate of the turf.
GreenCast How Efficient is Foliar Fertilisation?
24 Aug 2011 - Consultancy - Greencast
In a recent study both creep-ing bentgrass and couchgrass golf course greens were capable of ab-sorbing urea through the leaf.
Dr Travis Gannon Syngenta workshops with Dr Travis Gannon
22 Aug 2011 - Consultancy - Greencast
Syngenta is holding several workshops across the country to provide an opportunity to hear from Dr Travis Gannon who is a Research Associate at the Department of Crop Science, North Carolina State University. Below please see a brief biography of Dr Travis Gannon.
BARRICADE The Long Awaited Answer to Poa Annua has Arrived
10 Aug 2011 - Industry News - Greencast
The ong awaited answer to Poa Annua has arrived with Syngenta releasing BARRICADE Turf Herbicide, a new pre-emergent herbicide for the control of Poa annua, Crab Grass, Summer Grass and Crows.
GreenCast Autumn Couchgrass Control of Poa annua
27 May 2011 - Consultancy - Greencast
With stressful sum-mer conditions con-tinuing to persist it is often difficult to think that autumn is approaching.
GreenCast Social Networking Part 2
20 May 2011 - General News - Greencast - 1 comment
In the previous issue of TechNotes -SH (issue 2, 2011) a short article appeared on how one golf course superintendent was integrating blogging, twitter and an ipad to communicate with his members and crew.
Syngenta Integration of Social Media
11 May 2011 - Industry News - Greencast
In the last five years we have seen innovation into how we receive information via the internet and how we can interact with each other through social networks
Syngenta Tech Notes Issue 10 Microdochium Patch
21 Jun 2010 - Consultancy - Greencast
Microdochium patch, also known as Fusarium Patch is active from late autumn through spring. The pathogen, Microdochium nivale is especially active on Poa annua in areas that are wet and shaded.
Syngenta What do Golfers (& Panelists) Value in Course Conditioning?
2 Jun 2010 - Golf - Greencast
As I write this article on the eve of The Masters Tournament at Augusta National Golf Club, USA, mass media attention for the tournament has focused on Tiger Woods.
GreenCast Autumn & Winter Diseases
27 May 2010 - Consultancy - Greencast
With cool wet weather slowly beginning to move into some areas, it is a good time to look forward to some of the common diseases that can be expected to occur.

Syngenta Syngenta Business Management Change
23 Apr 2010 - Appointments - Greencast
After 5 years as the Business Manager Lawn and Garden Sam Hole has taken on a senior role within the Syngenta Australian Crop Protection business.

Syngenta Fall is a Time for Summer Stress Recovery
14 Apr 2010 - Consultancy - Greencast
Fall is a time for summer stress recovery and in the case of athletic fields a time to recover from wear injury.
Syngenta Drought Resistance and Its Component
11 Apr 2010 - Consultancy - Greencast
Severe moisture stress or drought causes negative effects on turfgrass growth and development. The major components of drought resistance are avoidance and tolerance.
Syngenta At pH Values Below 5.4 soil Aluminum Toxicity Potential Increases
30 Mar 2010 - Consultancy - Greencast
When soils are tooa cidic, aluminum that is locked up in clay minerals dissolves into the soil as toxic, electrically charged particles called ions, making it hard for most plants to grow. In fact, aluminum toxicity in acidic soils limitscrop/turf production in as much as half the world's arable land in Africa, Asia and South America.
Syngenta Strobilurin (QoI) Fungicides
15 Mar 2010 - Consultancy - Greencast
Strobilurin fungicides trace there origions to a fungal antibiotic produced by the pine cone fungus Strobilurus tenacellus.
GreenCast Never Too Hot for Pythium Blight
9 Mar 2010 - Consultancy - Greencast
Pythium blight is a severe disease of many turfgrasses during the summer months. Cool season turfgrasses like creeping bentgrass are most susceptible but couchgrass and other warm season turfgrasses can also be infected under the proper environmental conditions.
GreenCast Impact of Grass Species, Mowing Height, Nitrogen fertilization, and Plant Growth Regulators on Ball Lie
20 Feb 2010 - Consultancy - Greencast
The golf ball lie is critical to determining the playability of golf course fairways and roughs. The common definition of golf ball lie is the amount of the golf ball that remains above the turfgrass canopy after the ball comes to rest.

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