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8amY66tIAyo5t0rc7zYs.jpg It's not Rocket Science ...
19 Jun 2012 - Mechanics - Pat Callaby
... but it is important to understand the workings of the cooling system. Patrick ‘Cal’ Callaby, Workshop Manager at Celtic Manor Resort, offers some timely advice on keeping it in tip-top condition

grinder What a Relief ...
20 May 2012 - Mechanics - Pat Callaby - 1 comment
"In our opinion, backlapping should be banned as the carborundum paste is environmentally unsound" The importance of bed-knives and how much relief do you really need?

0M9yoq5qjR2PXZgF4hCp.jpg Tournament Preparation
16 Apr 2012 - Mechanics - Pat Callaby
Tournament preparation - those two words can cause fear or excitement on the golf course. At the very least they mean long hours for everyone, very early starts and, for me personally, very late finishes, as I'm usually the last to leave. It has been known for me not to leave at all, preferring to sleep in my truck ready for the next day's early start.
untitled44.JPG Rotary Mower Blades
4 Apr 2012 - Mechanics - Pat Callaby
A helpful article on the importance of keeping rotary blades sharp and in good order.
honda-GX610.jpg Fuel Problems in your Petrol Powered Equipment?
5 Mar 2012 - Mechanics - Pat Callaby
Clogged up carburettors are common ailments for any petrol-powered machines, often caused by long term storage without draining or treating the fuel or incorrect filtration.
untitled.JPG The Cap that Keeps its Cool!
30 Jan 2012 - Mechanics - Pat Callaby
The workings of the humble radiator cap and why it is so important in modern day machinery. When carrying out job interviews for technicians I always slip a radiator cap in my pocket and, at some point, place it on the table and say, "tell me all you know about this cap".
Pat-Callaby.2-jpg.jpg Innovative parts board for the workshop
4 Jan 2012 - Mechanics - Pat Callaby - 1 comment
An Innovative idea by top mechanic Pat Callaby
Pat-Callaby.jpg Organising the Workshop
21 Jun 2008 - Mechanics - Pat Callaby
I have a commissioning process for new machines that helps me to order parts and claim warrantees, when the machine may not be readily to hand and to record other information relevant to that machine that will be required at some time in the future.
Waste Area 1 Creating a Waste Disposal Area
13 Apr 2008 - Mechanics - Pat Callaby
An area for controlled waste, a necessary evil, but it has to be catered for. Our waste was collected at different areas, these areas were viewed as rubbish areas so all rubbish was added to them.
Pat-Callaby.jpg Creating a Refueling Area
15 Jan 2008 - Mechanics - Pat Callaby
Looking around inside the building one day (as is my habit on occasion) I got to thinking "what would somebody else think if they walked in here and saw what I can see now"?
Pat-Callaby.jpg Merits of Workshop Maintenance Part II
12 Oct 2007 - Mechanics - Pat Callaby
Here at The Celtic Manor Resort we keep a fairly large stock of parts to minimise down time but it can soon get out of hand if not carefully monitored, nonetheless it is essential to keep a certain amount of stock rather than working on a "just in time " basis, which would work well if only we were clairvoyant.
Pat-Callaby.jpg Merits of workshop maintenance
18 Sep 2007 - Mechanics - Pat Callaby
But what about the economics of employing in house mechanics as opposed to contracting out repairs and servicing?
Pat-Callaby.jpg How To Set Up A Greens Mower
6 Sep 2007 - Mechanics - Pat Callaby
Although there are many greens mowers available on the market I shall concentrate on the Toro Flex 21" because that is the machine used here
Blades1.jpg Packing Bottom Blades
2 Sep 2007 - Mechanics - Pat Callaby
The biggest waste of bedknives (bottom blades) is grinding them flat unnecessarily when the problem is that the bedknife carrier (bed bar) itself is not flat. This can be put right by grinding the bed bar on the bottom blade grinder using adaptors supplied by the grinder manufacturers.
Take control of your servicing and inspections
21 Aug 2007 - Mechanics - Pat Callaby
How many of you repair machines on a reactive basis rather than having a service/preventative maintenance program in place? The majority I suspect but regular servicing and inspections can pay dividends whereas breakdowns can be costly in lost "production", an exasperation to head green keepers and frustrating for the operators.
Tidy equipment Good housekeeping in the workshop
14 Aug 2007 - Mechanics - Pat Callaby
More great advice from Pat Callaby
Pat-Callaby.jpg The Use of Machine Lifts in the Workshop
7 Aug 2007 - Mechanics - Pat Callaby
A detailed look into machine lifts in the Workshop.