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IsleOfManAstro Artificial Surfaces - they are not ‘all’ weather!
8 Jan 2012 - Synthetics - Colin Mumford
First and foremost, let’s get one urban myth out of the way; artificial sports surfaces are not ‘all-weather’ surfaces, just like they are not maintenance free.
QE Colin2 White Lines - Do Do It!
6 Feb 2011 - General Sports - Colin Mumford
Dr Colin Mumford explains how a chance phone call led to a mad dash to paint the white lines on the games deck of Cunard’s new cruise liner, The Queen Elizabeth, once she had docked in Southampton on Friday, ahead of The Queen naming the vessel the following Monday!
5_sticks_&_stand.jpg The Going Stick
13 Jan 2010 - Racing / Equestrian - Colin Mumford
The welfare of the horse and its rider is the number one priority when preparing a racecourse for racing. Key to producing safe surfaces, to minimise any potential for serious injuries to occur, is the assessment of the racing surface condition, more commonly referred to as the "going".

tree.JPG A Ten Point Guide to Tree Planting
23 Jun 2009 - Consultancy - Colin Mumford
What can be better than sitting in the shade of your favourite tree on a hot summer's day, sleeves rolled up and sampling your favourite tipple whilst watching an epic battle of first class sport unfold before your eyes?