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Steven James.JPG Norway to Treat a Pitch!
7 Jun 2010 - Football - Laurence Gale MSc
Moving from golf greenkeeper to football groundsman is not an uncommon career path. A Brit abroad, doing it in Scandinavia is, perhaps, slightly more unusual. Steven James tells is story

Maddona Maddy Madness!
24 May 2010 - Football - Laurence Gale MSc
Oceania don't have the only multi purpose stadiums, see how Ontario Sport are responsible for getting the pitch up to world cup standard at the Vassil Levski stadium in Sofia. See how they cope with a Madonna concert 7 days before a World Cup qualifying game!

Clegg Impact Soil Tester Hammer Time!
10 May 2010 - Consultancy - Laurence Gale MSc
The Clegg Impact Soil Tester (commonly referred to as a clegg hammer) is a sophisticated, but simple to use, means for measuring and controlling soil strength and consolidation levels during pitch maintenance.

Rain Gauge Tools of the trade:- The Rain Gauge
8 May 2010 - Consultancy - Laurence Gale MSc
With the dawn of an era of apparent climate change spelling an increasingly erratic future for the Australia's weather systems, the rain gauge is growing in popularity as a tool used to determine when to irrigate or fertilise based upon previous rainfall.

1.JPG Why use a Sports Turf Agronomist?
27 Apr 2010 - Consultancy - Laurence Gale MSc
A perspective on the role of the agronomist and the relationship with the grounds or course manager. More inside.

RedThread.jpg Chipco Green a look at Chipco Green.
6 Apr 2010 - Consultancy - Laurence Gale MSc
Chipco Green continues to be a popular choice amongst many greenkeepers and groundsmen due to its exceptional all year round curative and preventative control.

Machinery for Maintaining Artificial Machinery for Maintaining Artificial Sport Surfaces
18 Mar 2010 - Synthetics - Laurence Gale MSc - 1 comment
The selection and use of machinery for maintaining artificial sport surfaces has now become a major consideration for managers who are responsible for managing artificial training pitches (ATP).

Ricky Willison.jpg Cut it Out!
6 Mar 2010 - Golf - Laurence Gale MSc
Entering the 'Short Cut' debate is Ricky Willison, Club Professional at Ealing Golf Club. Ricky is a former Walker Cup player, who played in the 1991 match that also featured Phil Mickleson, David Duval and Padraig Harrington amongst others. He also competed on the European Tour for several years and now has his seniors card.
loz-cover-sports-ground-maintenance.jpg Book Review - Sports Ground Management A Complete Guide
13 Feb 2010 - Best of the Rest - Laurence Gale MSc
All sports persons and players, at whatever level, need quality surfaces on which to play, and constructing, preparing and maintaining surfaces are all essential tasks carried out by professional groundspersons.
Infiltrometer.jpg Tools of the Trade - Infiltrometer
19 Jan 2010 - General Sports - Laurence Gale MSc
This is a simple, inexpensive method for determining permeability of soils
polaris team.jpg Polaris Press Day
29 Dec 2009 - Industry News - Laurence Gale MSc
long with a number of other turf industry journalists, I recently attended a Polaris press day held at the Heart of England Conference & Event Centre near Meriden.
EastlandsStadium.jpg Cash in hand!
7 Dec 2009 - Football - Laurence Gale MSc
The Premiership is all about 'big bucks' these days, with money pouring into clubs from all over the globe. Only fifteen years ago the 'big three' were Manchester United, Liverpool and Arsenal and money was 'traditionally' made through sponsorship, sensible (ish) transfer fees, ticket receipts and commercial revenue. For a short while Newcastle and Blackburn challenged their superiority, but they quickly faded away as the mega-bucks started to roll in at other clubs.
cover-golfcourse-management.jpg Book Review: Seasonal Requirements for Golf Course Management
2 Nov 2009 - Book Reviews - Laurence Gale MSc
Not one for letting the grass grow beneath his feet, in addition to providing Pitchcare with some golf working diaries, Laurence Pithie has just published his second book of the year.

1.JPG A Brush with Reality
30 Oct 2009 - Synthetics - Laurence Gale MSc
Technical Surfaces have commissioned the world’s first study to assess the effects of brushing on the wear of synthetic sport carpet systems. The research was led by Dr Paul Fleming of Loughborough University at the Sports Technology Institute.

pest of the day chafer grubs.jpg What is a Pest
14 Jun 2009 - Consultancy - Laurence Gale MSc
What is a pest? By definition a pest is a living organism that negatively impacts on agriculture/sports turf operations and/or wildlife habitats. This includes plants, noxious weeds, insects, diseases, birds, animals and rodents, in fact anything that affects the performance and well being of natural turf is considered a pest by groundsman. This may also include the actions of fellow human beings who sometimes accidentally damage the turf whilst carrying out maintenance operations.
frosty-golf-view2.jpg Frosty Golf-What's your view?
9 Jun 2009 - Golf - Laurence Gale MSc
How many golf courses allow play on their greens during frosty conditions? Ideally none, however there are many golf clubs who unfortunately do. WHY?

45.JPG The Big Issue
2 Jun 2009 - Golf - Laurence Gale MSc
Two recent articles in the Pitchcare magazine, the first written by Greg Evans, Course Manager at Ealing Golf Club in South London, and the second by the STRI's Richard Windows and Henry Bechelet on their 'Disturbance Theory' have sparked some very serious and intense debate.

TV1.jpg TV Times II
1 Mar 2009 - General Sports - Laurence Gale MSc
When it comes to televising sport, horse racing and cricket present differing challenges for grounds managers and staff.In part two of TV Times, Frank Fielding looks into how grounds and venues prepare for televised coverage.

ground_logo.jpg Pitch Logos - Pure Genius
16 Feb 2009 - General Sports - Laurence Gale MSc - 1 comment
For some Groundsmen these logos are a looked upon as a necessary evil, they can interfere with pitch preparations, but they also generate some much needed revenue for clubs.

untitled.JPG Controlling Thatch
12 Feb 2009 - Consultancy - Laurence Gale MSc - 1 comment
Keeping things in moderation is the key to success in most aspects of life - thatch is no different. There are some characteristics of thatch that can be good for turf surfaces in certain situations.

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