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untitled33.JPG Disease - by Association
5 Aug 2012 - Consultancy - Dr Kate Entwistle
In this article, I would like to share my thoughts on turfgrass disease development and summarise some of the published information that is available on similar pathogen interactions in agriculture.

1.JPG Leaf Spot Diseases
21 Jul 2012 - Consultancy - Dr Kate Entwistle
There are a wide range of fungi that cause leaf spot disease on amenity turfgrasses and these individual fungi will cause damage to different grass types under different environmental conditions.
untitled000.JPG Fusarium Patch Disease
8 Jul 2012 - Consultancy - Dr Kate Entwistle
Although probably the most well known cool-season turfgrass disease, fusarium patch is more accurately called Microdochium patch - a common name which is now becoming more widely used for this disease.
Downy Mildew Yellow Tuft or Downy Mildew Disease
6 Jun 2012 - Consultancy - Dr Kate Entwistle
This disease is caused by the fungus Sclerophthora macrospora and unlike many of the fungi that caused disease in cool-season turfgrasses, this fungus is an obligate parasite.
Rust Rust Disease
26 May 2012 - Consultancy - Dr Kate Entwistle
Rust is a collective term that is commonly used to describe a group of turfgrass diseases, each of which is characterised by the prolific production of small, rust-coloured spores.

Untitled What do we know about Plant Parasitic Nematodes?
16 Apr 2012 - Consultancy - Dr Kate Entwistle
Before we take a look at where we are today and what the future may hold with regard to plant parasitic nematodes, it's worth taking a quick look back at what we have learned over the past few years.

untitled66.JPG Breaching Plant Defences
20 Feb 2012 - Consultancy - Dr Kate Entwistle
This article is intended to provide a general look at the processes that take place before disease becomes apparent and to look more closely at the ways in which the pathogens have been able to overcome the plants natural defences.
untitled5.JPG Disease Analysis
15 Jan 2012 - Consultancy - Dr Kate Entwistle
I was talking to a delegate at a seminar recently who said, "I remember the time when the only turf disease we ever had was Fusarium patch". Now, I know that this disease (recently renamed as Microdochium patch) remains the most common and, arguably, the most damaging disease of cool-season turfgrasses, but I doubt that there was ever a time when this was the ONLY disease that we had.

Red Thread Red Thread Disease
1 Aug 2011 - Consultancy - Dr Kate Entwistle
Red thread is an extremely common turfgrass disease that can develop at any time of the year during cool, wet weather, but frequently appears most severely during winter. It can develop on most turfgrasses but ryegrasses and fescues appear to be more commonly affected.

Kate Entwistle mr.jpg Red turf - whatever next?
2 Aug 2009 - Consultancy - Dr Kate Entwistle
During the late spring and autumn months, patches of red/purple discolouration can develop on close mown turf, and the cause is often automatically regarded as being fungal.

Anthracnose Anthracnose - An Update
12 Dec 2008 - Consultancy - Dr Kate Entwistle
This article is intended to provide up to date information on the fungus that causes Anthracnose diseases and on the two disease types that are increasingly seen in amenity situations.

kate.jpg Turfgrass Disease – Recognition & Management
22 Jun 2008 - Consultancy - Dr Kate Entwistle
How often has it been said that effective turfgrass disease management depends on early and accurate identification of the problem. Today, this is arguably more important than ever and I hope that the following article will explain why.
Kate-En-fig-1jpg.jpg Turfgrass Diseases – What’s around now?
4 Jun 2008 - Consultancy - Dr Kate Entwistle
It doesn't matter what time of the year you look at turfgrasses, you will always be able to find the fungi that cause disease. However, the symptoms that they are causing may be so minor that they go unnoticed and cause no concern for us with regard to maintenance.
FoliarAnthracnose2.jpg What’s the cause of your disease?
11 Apr 2008 - Consultancy - Dr Kate Entwistle
Identifying the primary cause of turfgrass diseases has, arguably, become more difficult over recent years as we have become better able to identify differences between certain closely-related organisms and to recognise the potential of previously unconsidered pests.
kate-anaerobic-copy.jpg When did you last check your roots?
24 Dec 2007 - Consultancy - Dr Kate Entwistle
All too often when we see turfgrass diseases or damage, it is the symptoms on the sward that get our attention and we automatically assume that the sward is the part of the plant that is infected.
mycelium01 copy.jpg Pathogen infection, How do they attack?
7 Oct 2007 - Consultancy - Dr Kate Entwistle
Pathogens are organisms that have the ability to cause disease and, when we think of turfgrass disease, we automatically think of fungi as the causal pathogens.