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Posted 1 Aug 2011 peter cloth Last edited: 1 Aug 2011

IMG 0342A
Does anyone know what this part is and if it is easily sourced.

Attached is a photo which shows the part. It has started to fail and is damaging the shaft.

The clutch fork assembly pushes on this part which then activates the clutch cone.



Avatar: New Zealand Posted 2 Aug 2011 Sumomosr

It's a collar acting as the thrust bearing surface. Call it a Thrust Collar.

Rover is distributed in Oz by the MTD people so a local dealer for Cub Cadet etc. and in a quirk of their family tree, Rover owns Sott Bonnar so one of the SB dealers also should be able to source parts for you.

| have to say the clutch fork looks rather 'domestic' quality and is a good indication of the gap between this level and the big players. (Red, Orange, Green)

Replace both the collar and the fork after you clean up the shaft damage.


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