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Posted 18 Feb 2011 FLINE 1 Last edited: 20 Feb 2011

FountainLine have been working tirelessly in keeping our customers up to date with the latest developments in our product range. We are proud to announce the release of two of our new videos that can be seen on our website.

Please see the following links, we would love to hear your thoughts.

ProLine V4 Video

About FountainLine Video

These videos will also be available on the Pitchcare Oceania "Shop" and "feature articles".

Big thanks to Rob and the team at Pitchcare for giving the industry a great platform to provide this type of information to the industry.

images Posted 21 Feb 2011 KeepitSharp///

Just watched them both then both look pretty good FLINE well done.

Nice touch with the two presenters and a female voice always helps [biggrin

Keep up the good work.

Posted 25 Feb 2011 Joe kewell

Videos do look good and very professional.

What is the target audience?
I know most of us who line mark already know about the company and how to use the machine. I would also be surprised if anyone on this website didn't know what you guys were about.

I'm in golf so found the videos interesting but its not targeted at myself so really I just watched out of interest as this site hasn't had videos before.

I think the videos are great don't get me wrong I'm just wondering how anyone would find them that doesn't already know about you and is already familiar with the process?

Keep up the good work.

Posted 25 Feb 2011 FLINE 1

Thanks Joe,

They are for the more general market. Say the weekend volunteer who marks the oval for the kids soccer match at the local field, as well as anyone who needs to see how the marker works.

They would find this video on many relative websites and they feature on our site as well, so people hitting our site for the first time would get the gist of things.

You know the old " pictures and thousand words" stuff

Posted 25 Feb 2011 FLINE 1

Hi K.i.S

Thanks for the positive feedback, glad you enjoyed watching

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