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Posted 28 Jun 2010 keriboi Hawker

Looking at getting a verti-drain
Both the toro procore sr72 and Verti-drain 7215 look good but havent seen either working?

Anyone got any first hand experiances with the two?

Avatar: New Zealand Posted 28 Jun 2010 Sumomosr

I have.

The sr72 is a modified contraption which was originally made as a 'Soil Reliever', painted light green & white and known as a "Poor Mans Verti-Drain".
I watched one shake itself to a standstill once.

Badge-engineered after being bought by Toro they were taken off the market and underwent heavy re-design. All the easy-to-break (e2b) parts were made stronger-but-still-e2b.

Oh, and they painted it red which is like go-faster stripes.

The Verti-Drain was made to work and made not to break.

Of the two, I know which one I'd go for ...


Avatar: superman b avat Posted 28 Jun 2010 Peter Bass Last edited: 28 Jun 2010

We have a Wiedenmann Terra Spike never really had a problem with it that I know of.

Pretty quick over the ground compared to some of the old verti drains you see. Also leaves a tidy finish on the greens. Which helps when its always me on the core scoop!

You Can't Handle The Truth. Bass atYa

Posted 28 Jun 2010 Joe kewell

Hi Dane

The fact that your question is I'm looking at getting a Verti Drain pretty much answers your own question.

The hole operation is named after the machine, almost like the hoover of the turf world.

Verti Drain hands down winner the original and still the best. Can't improve on perfection.

389988 10200555447720095 1482345896 n Posted 29 Jun 2010 A J Last edited: 29 Jun 2010

Best to get a demo and see what your looking for on your own ground!

Have to agree on verti-drain, had ours 5 yrs now and still going like a goodun. Solid......

Posted 2 Jul 2010 Roaring Silence Last edited: 2 Jul 2010

I brought a Verti Drain at the last place and I wouldn't be without one.

I gave it a work out too, stuck the 12mm solids into plenty of tees that had never seen aeration! Stood up to plenty of punishment!

Once is a mistake, twice is stupidity!

Posted 6 Jul 2010 Chris Scoble

If you want a corer that is simple,strong and fast you should be looking at a John Deere Aercore .
These would be the fastest corer on the market.

Posted 17 Jul 2010 Anonymous

The SR72 do a fair job, but don't have the precision adjustments that the verti-drain or Weidenmann units provide.
It basically comes down to your situation & budget. The SR's will punch holes in hard ground, but the hydraulic ram top arm adjustment is primitive.
Don't believe the reps that tell you that you'll get 6ha out of 12mm solid tines. More like 2Ha. Can get 4Ha out of 18mm solids, but they'll be half the lenght of when you started.

Demo, demo, demo.

Posted 21 Jul 2010 Roger

Soil Reliever sr72 is your best bet.....


Posted 21 Jul 2010 couch rules

im with anon here, ring up organise a proper demo of the areas u will use it on most ie tees,greens or surrounds. if they wont do the demo they are not interested in a sale and prob wont give good post sale support either.then after seeing it used under your conditions u can pick whats best for you

Posted 23 Jul 2010 keriboi Hawker

Well, Tried the SR 52 and it went well but I wouldn't think that its up to the quality of the Redexim Verti-Drain that our contractor uses.

Posted 23 Jul 2010 Jim Brennan

Now do yourself a favour and demo the Weidenmann. Faster, heavier, more robust. If you don't like changing tines that often, use JRM tines they last longer than the genuine ones; made out of better stuff.

Posted 23 Jul 2010 keriboi Hawker

Priced up the weidenmann but too expensive in NZ

Posted 24 Jul 2010 SA BOY

If you have hard clay areas definately suggest the stronger/robust machine....verti drain,verti drain,verti drain.

Qturf Wiedenmann ANZ Logo.jpg Posted 14 Oct 2010 Terry Griffiths

If you still looking at Deep Tine Aeration and are interested in Looking let me know, Australia or New Zealand. We will be competitive. Verti Drain might carry the name but Wiedenmann can Verti-Drain with a strong well built machine that has proven itself. You should look......

Posted 15 Oct 2010 Anonymous

nothing wrong with the Weidenmann, very good units.
the only people who bag the Weidenmann aerators are the verti drain reps.
if your going to spend the coin, take the time to demo all the brands.

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