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Posted 20 May 2010 platinum

Anyone used or uses the 8800, thoughts good or bad??

We are looking at purchasing one in the near future for sports club.


Avatar: New Zealand Posted 22 May 2010 Sumomosr

Sports club? Flat ground??

This is a contour following machine with high power and 4WD.
Do you need the high-spec features which are standard on this excellent mower?

If 'Yes' then you should enjoy this machine. Low running costs and No-Tool height adjust coupled to stable steering and the best operator platform in the industry make it a joy to mow with.


Posted 22 May 2010 platinum

Thanks Somomosr, yeah flat grounds few hollows here and there but generally flat, thanks for the info.

Cant wait to test it out.

Avatar:  Fish 15 Posted 27 May 2010 robbo12

The 8800 isn't really the choice of mowers for a flat oval is it?

What did you think of it David have you tried it yet?
Did you look at the 2653B?

Avatar: New Zealand Posted 27 May 2010 Sumomosr Last edited: 27 May 2010

The 8800 isn't really the choice of mowers for a flat oval is it?

Same point I was making RO.

What has prompted you to choose this model David?


Posted 27 May 2010 platinum

we are looking for a mower that will cut 3 full size fields for cricket afl and soccer, cricket played in winter on 2 fields so very quick hoc change needed from mowing winter code field to cricket, volunteers using machine so cant have reel mower with volunteers coming down using, would be a need something that covers big area in shortest time possible....20mm year round for cricket and 30-40mm for winter codes......looking at Jd 8800, toro gm 4500 and Jac AR-522.

Avatar: New Zealand Posted 28 May 2010 Sumomosr

Ok, fair enough.
Your 'tests' will be the ease of HOC change, for operators, on the rear units and overall operator comfort.

Also consider the level of dealer support and ease of blade replacement/sharpening for to maintain a good quality of cut you should keep rotary blades sharpened frequently.

Do let us know what you decide.


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