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HG Sports Turf - Management Appointment
26 Jul 2012 by: Mike kemmett

"Well done Nobby! Hes a good lad. Now employ me!!!"

MCG Head Groundsman Departs
20 Jul 2012 by: Roaring Silence

"Makes plenty of sense Turfie, unfortunately large organisati ..."

MCG Head Groundsman Departs
20 Jul 2012 by: Turfie

"Yes Arguably "Flash" is the best 2nd in charge in the countr ..."

MCG Head Groundsman Departs
20 Jul 2012 by: KeepitSharp///

"Why bother undertake a global search for a suitable replacem ..."

Who do you Believe?
8 Jun 2012 by: David McKEchnie

"Enjoyable reading - note also CEC is generally measured / ca ..."

By Press Release in on 6 Aug 2008

Toro Introduces the All-New Groundsmaster® 5900 and 5910 Rotary MowersToro
Innovative 16-foot rotary mower delivers unmatched power, maneuverability and comfort

The Toro Company introduces the next generation in the industry's leading line of 16-foot area rotary mowers - the Toro® Groundsmaster® 5900 and 5910.

All new from the ground up, the Groundsmaster 5900 series delivers industry leading power, precise maneuverability, four-wheel drive capability, increased operator comfort, and reduced noise levels to benefit both the operator and the surrounding environment.
Groundsmaster 5910
A fleet manager in the Denver area was more than impressed with the power and maneuverability of the Groundsmaster 5900 series. Working in Colorado's rolling hills and high altitudes can present challenges, but the Groundsmaster 5900 series is able to overcome these obstacles. The fleet manager commented that on several hill sites the Groundsmaster 5900 provided excellent traction and plenty of power to handle the high altitude.

Equipped with a 99-horsepower (hp) Cummins® Turbo Diesel engine, the Groundsmaster 5900 series can mow an acre in less than five minutes, or more than 13 acres an hour.

The Groundsmaster 5900 series gets the job done quickly with optimal operator comfort. The mowers come standard with a four-way adjustable seat plus an air ride suspension. The seat-mounted ControlHub™ offers easy fingertipGroundsmaster 5900 actuation of controls.

An equipment manager from Seattle enjoyed the comfort that resulted from the electronic controls coupled with the seating position, and said that it helps make his job much easier. For additional comfort, the Groundsmaster 5910 offers a factory integrated climate-controlled cab which includes air conditioning and heating, as well as 360 degrees of visibility.

In addition to providing customers with quality comfort, Toro has ensured that the Groundsmaster 5900 series stays in good health with the onboard InfoCenter™ diagnostics. The InfoCenter display provides critical operating information for machine management, system protection, trouble-shooting and safety. Standard on the Groundsmaster 5900 and 5910 rotary mowers, InfoCenter provides clear and simple information on calibration, diagnostics and systems alerts for the operator and technician.

About The Toro Company
The Toro Company (NYSE: TTC) is a leading worldwide provider of outdoor beautification products, support services and integrated solutions. With sales of nearly $1.9 billion in 2007, Toro is committed to providing environmentally responsible products of customer-valued quality and innovation. Since 1914, the company has built a tradition of excellence around a number of strong brands that serve a customer base that includes golf course superintendents, groundskeepers, sports field managers, landscape and irrigation contractors, fruit and vegetable growers, and homeowners. The Toro Company is headquartered at 8111 Lyndale Avenue in Bloomington, Minn. Visit the company Web site at

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