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HG Sports Turf - Management Appointment
26 Jul 2012 by: Mike kemmett

"Well done Nobby! Hes a good lad. Now employ me!!!"

MCG Head Groundsman Departs
20 Jul 2012 by: Roaring Silence

"Makes plenty of sense Turfie, unfortunately large organisati ..."

MCG Head Groundsman Departs
20 Jul 2012 by: Turfie

"Yes Arguably "Flash" is the best 2nd in charge in the countr ..."

MCG Head Groundsman Departs
20 Jul 2012 by: KeepitSharp///

"Why bother undertake a global search for a suitable replacem ..."

Who do you Believe?
8 Jun 2012 by: David McKEchnie

"Enjoyable reading - note also CEC is generally measured / ca ..."

By Editor in on 30 Apr 2012

North Queensland Cowboys have refused to give up the fight for a super stadium, warning the LNP Government still risked sinking $100 million into Dairy Farmers Stadium repairs if it scrapped the idea.New Townsville Stadium

A $200,000 study with Townsville City Council into the viability of a new entertainment and convention facility was this week ditched by the State Government, all but ending Cowboys hopes of a new home venue. However, the NRL club's chief executive Peter Jourdain said the battle was only just beginning.

A proposal released in February co-located home grounds for the Cowboys and NBL team the Townsville Crocodiles in the CBD. "We haven't given up hope of getting a feasibility study and the possibility of a new stadium," Mr Jourdain said.

"I believe it still needs to be pursued vigorously by us and we'll be doing that.

"Ours isn't as urgent as certainly the Crocs' position with the Entertainment Centre, but when the dust settles after the election we'll still be advocating the need in the not too distant future that we are going to need a new stadium."
Dairy Farmers Stadium
Dairy Farmers Stadium owner, Stadiums Queensland, has injected $30 million into the facility since taking on ownership in 2004.

But with the venue approaching its 20th anniversary, Mr Jourdain said that figure would spike quickly in coming years, highlighting that the Western Grandstand, in particular, needed considerable upgrading. "The (stadium) we've got probably needs $100 million spent on it in the next five years," he said.

A Stadiums Queensland spokesman said future capital works programs were expected to remain consistent with spending in previous years.

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