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HG Sports Turf - Management Appointment
26 Jul 2012 by: Mike kemmett

"Well done Nobby! Hes a good lad. Now employ me!!!"

MCG Head Groundsman Departs
20 Jul 2012 by: Roaring Silence

"Makes plenty of sense Turfie, unfortunately large organisati ..."

MCG Head Groundsman Departs
20 Jul 2012 by: Turfie

"Yes Arguably "Flash" is the best 2nd in charge in the countr ..."

MCG Head Groundsman Departs
20 Jul 2012 by: KeepitSharp///

"Why bother undertake a global search for a suitable replacem ..."

Who do you Believe?
8 Jun 2012 by: David McKEchnie

"Enjoyable reading - note also CEC is generally measured / ca ..."

By Editor in on 28 Jul 2011

KinlochKinloch Golf Course has been sold to The Southpark Corporation, with the take over expected to come into effect in December this year.

Southpark specialises in commercial, industrial and residential property development and management, as well as utilities distribution.

Southpark Executive Director John Sax founded the Southpark Group of Companies some 25 years ago, and has acted as CEO or Executive Director of all companies since. Southpark has been a leader in the re-development of much of the former "smoke stack industries" within Auckland such as Southdown Freezing Works

John is the founder and Chairman of the For the Sake of Our Children Trust and is the creator of Treetops LoKinloch Golf Clubdge & Wilderness Park in Rotorua, an internationally acclaimed wilderness retreat.

Rumored future plans for Kinloch include a lodge complex to be built on the main hill over looking views of the course and lake Kinloch.

Kinloch G.C has had a chequred past with numerous owners since its famed opening in 2007. The Jack Nicklaus signature club was rated on opening in 2007 as the top new golf course outside North America by the prestigious US Travel and Leisure Golf Magazine. Kinloch was also a recent inclusion in the Top 100 in the World for 2011 by

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There are 2 comments on this article

No Avatar 29 Jul 2011 by Roaring Silence

Cracker of a golf course (played it 6 weeks ago) amazing architecture and shaping.

Once is a mistake, twice is stupidity!

No Avatar 3 Aug 2011 by keriboi Hawker

One of my favoritism courses in NZ. There is just one hole I dont like due to the blind tee shot and massive danger around the landing area.

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