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Victorian Government $90,000 Shines New Light on the Swan Hill Racecourse Bowls Club
2 Jul 2012 - Bowls - Press Release
Lawn bowls in Swan Hill is set for a major lift thanks to $90,000 of Victorian Coalition Government funding to install lighting to the two bowling greens at the Swan Hill Racecourse Bowls Club.

phCDP3j4qca0fiG1I5Qw.jpg Warranty of Fitness
26 May 2012 - Bowls - Peter Monro
Peter Monro, agronomist with the NZSTI, believes that performing a regular tune-up and warranty of fitness will get the best out of your irrigation system

VGA April Newsletter VGA April Newsletter
10 May 2012 - Bowls - Dyson Appleyard
With the VGA newsletters and website we aim to provide up to date information, photos and turf trial results from around the state.

Vandals have trashed the green at Waimauku Bowling Club for the third time in six weeks Vandals Hit Bowling NZ Club
4 May 2012 - Bowls - Editor
Vandals have trashed the green at Waimauku Bowling Club for the third time in six weeks. The latest attack was two days after volunteers spent hours painstakingly renovating the green for winter.

Engelina Williams, 81, and Sophie Fisher, 15 are the youngest and oldest members of Himatangi Beach Bowling Club. Bowling From the Grass Roots
3 May 2012 - Bowls - Editor
A bowling green is all about the soil microbes. Reporter Lee Matthews hears how the hearty little Himatangi Beach Bowling Club got started in pure sand.

Opening of the Mooloolaba Bowls Club new undercover greens. 105 year old Agnes Vickers was an original member of the club and opened the new area with mayor Bob Abbot. Photo:Warren Lynam / Sunshine Coast Daily Bowls Club a Jolly Green Giant
19 Feb 2012 - Bowls - Editor
The resumption of part of its land to widen Brisbane Rd easily could have been a death knell for the Mooloolaba Bowls Club, but the brave club has turned a potential problem into a positive.

Vince Babington checks the rain gauge after another wet week. Not as Much Rain as Expected at Inglewood
7 Feb 2012 - Bowls - Editor
Vince Babington is greenkeeper at the Inglewood Bowls Club and reckons the rain from the heavens is a lot better than irrigation water from the Macintyre Brook.

VGA Newsletter VGA Feb Newsletter Download
1 Feb 2012 - Bowls - Editor
Welcome to 2012, we hope that everyone had a great Christmas and New Year and is ready for the coming months. Well what a difference a few weeks makes, after a wet start to the season, hot weather finally arrived followed by Christmas Day hail storms... Victoria’s weather unpredictable as always.

Bowl Albert Bowls Club Covers Up
1 Feb 2012 - Bowls - Editor
A New $122,000 shade cover is expected to improve playing conditions for Albert Bowls Club members for next summer.

untitled5.JPG The myth - Cut it short, Roll it Flat
24 Jan 2012 - Bowls - David H Bates
It is true to say that one of the commonest problems on bowling greens is a slow and heavy surface. Unfortunately, many bowlers still believe that the solution to this is a straightforward one and can be rectified by simply mowing very close and by the repeated use of a heavy roller.

St Johns Park Bowling club greenkeepers Steve Lange, Steve Shannon and Peter thompson are four-time garden competition winners. St Johns Park Bowling Club Water Wise Winners
18 Jan 2012 - Bowls - Editor
Native plants and a recycled water system helped secure top place for St Johns Park Bowling Club in the City of Fairfield Spring Garden Competition. The club’s greenkeeping team won the commercial garden section for the fourth year in a row recently.

Bowl Hard Working Members Keep Club Going
8 Dec 2011 - Bowls - Editor
The Riverside Bowling Club has gone from strength to strength since its members purchased it from the former owners, Clubs of Marlborough, last year.

VGA November News VGA November News
7 Nov 2011 - Bowls - Dyson Appleyard
After what appeared to be a great start to the bowls season with warm dry weather, we seem to be heading down the same track as last season. With rain falling late in the week reducing the pace of many greens and putting added stress on slow moving couch greens.

South Wagga Sports and Bowling Club Rejection Could End South Wagga Club
1 Nov 2011 - Bowls - Editor
The mood in the bowls club was sombre yesterday as a handful of members discussed the weekend’s news that their multimillion-dollar development might not go ahead.

Creswick Bowls Club Victoria Bowling Club Hit Again by Flood
25 Oct 2011 - Bowls - Editor
Victoria Bowling Club has called on the Ballarat City Council to take action after its synthetic green was damaged by flood waters on Saturday for the third time this year.

Gary Van Kessel Ballarat Greenkeeper Retires after 30 Years
23 Oct 2011 - Bowls - Editor
For more than 30 years Gary Van Kessel has presided over the greens at Webbcona Bowling Club. When the popular Grevillea Road greenkeeper stepped down on September 30, it certainly marked the end of an era for bowling in Ballarat.

Howlong Country Golf Club Howlong Country Golf Club Hopes to Build a $3 million Undercover Bowling Green
13 Oct 2011 - Bowls - Editor
Howlong Country Golf Club hopes to build a $3 million undercover bowling green that would double as an emergency evacuation centre. The club will seek a federal grant from Regional Development Australia to help construct the facility at its clubrooms.

Kawakawa Bowling Club. Flood Hit NZ Bowls Club set to Reopen
2 Oct 2011 - Bowls - Editor
A Northland bowling club devastated by floodwaters is re-opening today eight months after the biggest setback in its 99-year history. The flood of January 28-29 left a trail of destruction across the Mid North, but nowhere more so than at the Kawakawa Bowling Club.

Yarra Glen Bowling Club Trees Trump Bowling Green at Yarra Glen
21 Sep 2011 - Bowls - Editor
Native trees have won over the refurbishment of a lawn bowls green in McKenzie Reserve.

VGA VGA K&B & CCC Edcuation Day Invite
9 Sep 2011 - Bowls - Dyson Appleyard
The VGA along with K&B Adams and Campbell Chemicals would like to invite all members and Non members to a informal education session

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