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Forsyth Barr Stadium Forsyth Barr Stadium looking at full artificial turf pitch
24 Aug 2012 - Stadia - Editor
A proposal to replace the mixed grass turf inside the Forsyth Barr Stadium with a full artificial turf - at an estimated cost of $1 million - will be considered by a Dunedin City Council subcommittee examining changes to the year-old venue.

Dairy Farmers Stadium Qld Governmen Confirms Townsville Stadium Study
7 Jul 2012 - Stadia - Editor
Townsville's bid for a super stadium has been thrown a lifeline after the State Government confirmed it would provide $100,000 for a feasibility study into the project.

Etihad Stadium Etihad Stadium has a New Chief Executive
5 Jul 2012 - Stadia - Editor
Etihad Stadium has a new chief executive, and fortunately he knows a thing or two about growing grass. Paul Sergeant, an Englishman with a history of running stadiums and events, has been named as the replacement for the retiring Ian Collins.

Adelaide Oval at Night Foul Play at Adelaide Oval
4 Jul 2012 - Stadia - Editor
The Opposition has produced an email it says shows the Chappell stands at Adelaide Oval could have been dismantled and moved elsewhere, but the Government says selective use has been made of the facts.

New Perth Stadium New Perth Stadium to House Bigger Seats
17 Jun 2012 - Stadia - Editor
Perth's new outdoor stadium will enjoy the comfort of seats just one centimetre narrower than Qantas' domestic business class seats.

North Harbour Stadium Stadium Shakeup Planned for Auckland
16 Jun 2012 - Stadia - Editor
Eden Park will become the premier venue for all big rugby, league, limited-overs cricket and soccer matches in Auckland under a proposed reorganisation, being released today, of the city's under-used and financially shaky stadiums.

Adelaide oval From Hallowed Turf to Hollowed Ground at Adelaide Oval
31 May 2012 - Stadia - Editor
Over the past two months, the 22-year-old Bradman stand and the newer Clem Hill and Chappell stands have been demolished.

Eureka Stadium Eureka Stadium Supporters Get to Work
15 May 2012 - Stadia - Editor
Eureka Stadium consortium members will have to provide proof of their commitment to the $80 million project.

New Townsville Stadium Townsville's Push for a Super Stadium will Intensify
14 May 2012 - Stadia - Editor
Townsville's push for a super stadium will intensify when the city is awarded hosting rights to an international rugby league Test.

Williamstown Cricket Ground Williamstown Football and Cricket Clubs Soaring Thanks to New Pavilion
10 May 2012 - Stadia - Press Release
VFL and cricket fans can now take in a birds-eye view of all their heroes in action at the Williamstown Cricket Ground thanks to the official opening of the new $8.77 million pavilion at the historic venue.

New Perth Stadium New Perth Stadium to have Shorter Field than Subiaco
8 May 2012 - Stadia - Editor
The State Government has revealed Perth's new stadium will have a shorter playing field than Subiaco Oval.

Manuka Oval $2.5 million to light up Manuka Oval
30 Apr 2012 - Stadia - Press Release - 1 comment
Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Sports Minister Kate Lundy today announced funding of $2.5 million to the ACT Government for the installation of broadcast quality lighting at Manuka Oval in Canberra.

WIN stadium western grandstand Workers Begin Final Stage of WIN Stadium Grandstand
8 Apr 2012 - Stadia - Editor
Workers have begun installing the last major structural pieces of WIN Stadium’s rehabilitated western grandstand, more than six months after gusty winds badly damaged the structure’s roof.

Christchurch Stadium AMI to Sponsor New Christchurch Stadium
25 Mar 2012 - Stadia - Editor
Insurance company AMI has been named as sponsor of a new temporary sports stadium in Addington, just months after depleted finances forced it to appeal for Government backing.

Adelaide Oval redevelopment Adelaide Oval becomes a Construction Site.
20 Mar 2012 - Stadia - Editor
The much anticipated redevelopment of the Adelaide Oval has started with the erection of a semi permanent high fence from the southern entrance, along King William Rd. and down Pennington Tce. to the northern gates.

WIN stadium western grandstand High hopes as Grandstand Roof Returns to Wollongong
20 Mar 2012 - Stadia - Editor
It came, it went, and now it's back again - the controversial Wollongong Stadium western grandstand roof was put back on over the weekend as other renovations start to take shape.

New Townsville Stadium Townsville Still Waiting on Stadium
10 Mar 2012 - Stadia - Editor
Townsville's super-stadium bid has suffered another blow, with the State Government instead pumping funds into a rugby league stadium in Rockhampton.

Forsyth Barr Stadium Canberra Seeks to Dunedin
9 Mar 2012 - Stadia - Editor
Dunedin's Forsyth Barr Stadium has gained ultimate approval from overseas, with Canberra set to copy the design for its new stadium.

Canberra Stadium. Canberra Promised Stadium with Roof by 2020
5 Mar 2012 - Stadia - Editor
Canberra will have a new rectangular stadium with a clear, polymer roof by the end of the decade.

Eden Park Eden Parks Big Change Over
5 Mar 2012 - Stadia - Editor
Ground staff at Eden Park have a frantic few hours in near darkness early this morning to convert the venue from a cricket arena to a rugby league venue.

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