cover-golfcourse-management.jpg Book Review: Seasonal Requirements for Golf Course Management
2 Nov 2009 - Book Reviews - Laurence Gale MSc
Not one for letting the grass grow beneath his feet, in addition to providing Pitchcare with some golf working diaries, Laurence Pithie has just published his second book of the year.

Jerry Spencer Nutrition of Sports Turf in Australia
2 Jun 2009 - Book Reviews - Jerry Spencer
Nutrition of Sports Turf in Australia shows how to grow a healthy, stress-tolerant turf capable of withstanding high levels of wear. It covers the concepts and principles of plant growth and the function of primary and secondary nutrients, micronutrients and soil organic matter.

turfgrass-book-cover.jpg New Book: Sports Turf & Amenity Grassland Management
6 Aug 2007 - Book Reviews - Laurence Gale MSc
A look into the book Sports & Turf Grassland Management by top UK Editor Laurence Gale.

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