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Golf Cups Painting Golf Cups
25 Apr 2012 - Consultancy - Eric Kulaas
Cups only look so good for so long. Quite a few courses paint their cups, this is what we’ve come up with.

David Withers pictured on the GEO-certified RJ National golf course at  Ransomes Jacobsen’s headquarters in Ipswich Microsoft vs Apple vs IBM
17 Dec 2011 - Mechanics - Eric Kulaas
We have associations of the companies we deal with. I tend to view Toro as Microsoft’ish without the Bill Gate and company beginning. Jacobsen (and Ransomes) are more along the lines of Apple in that they came up with some game changing products.

greaseless bearings Give Credit when Credit is Due
1 Aug 2011 - Mechanics - Eric Kulaas
The rear roller on the 4500/4700 rough mower, has been a royal pain in the ass since we found out the original “greaseless” bearings weren’t working out

The Militant Mechanic No More Engine Books from Toro….
12 Jun 2011 - Mechanics - Eric Kulaas
It started by looking for an air filter for our new sprayer, a Toro 1250 Multi-Pro. This is the 3rd one of these that we’ve had (the only machine we have that is on a regular replacement program ).

Synthetic Bio in a Walk Mower Synthetic Bio in a Walk Mower?
8 Jun 2011 - Mechanics - Eric Kulaas
One of the nice things about walk mowers if the absence of hydraulic oil leaks.. For an Equipment Manager that’s a nice weight off ones shoulders. Years ago with our new riding mowers we hit about 1000 hours on them, and it seemed every hose that could go, did.

The Militant Mechanic To Cool
31 May 2011 - Mechanics - Eric Kulaas
Okay, this is a home made pressure/flow tester for hydraulics. It’s pretty inexpensive to make which is good as it hasn’t been used a whole lot.

The Militant Mechanic Shout out to TruTurf &
26 May 2011 - Industry News - Eric Kulaas
We’d just gotten a used TruTurf roller and I was on the GolfTECHS forum asking the guys about light kits. Apparently our model was a bit outdated and the kit cost a small fortune.

The Edwin Budding Award New Edwin Budding Award Website
3 Mar 2011 - Mechanics - Eric Kulaas
The International Golf Course Equipment Managers Association (IGCEMA) introduced “The Edwin Budding Award” to honor technicians in the golf sector who have made a major contribution to our industry.

DivotPack Golf Industry Show in 2012 in Orlando
16 Feb 2011 - Mechanics - Eric Kulaas
It’s amazing that some companies will go to so much trouble to get to the show and then forget some of the basics.

The Militant Mechanic Mower Blades, You do the math..
29 Nov 2010 - Mechanics - Eric Kulaas
These are the views of the vanes of the high lift blades for a Toro mower.

Gate Wheels Gate Wheels
24 Nov 2010 - Mechanics - Eric Kulaas
Most Eq. Mgrs. will end up taking care of just about everything at the course.

What a machine.. No more Good Ole Boys...
4 Nov 2010 - Mechanics - Eric Kulaas
We just got this back from the dealer. What a machine.. Great.. I sent it in because we had a broke coupler between the engine and the hydraulic assembly.

The Militant Mechanic Save a Cart Battery with a Bad Post.
25 Oct 2010 - Mechanics - Eric Kulaas
We’re on our 5th cart fleet. Battery posts have never been much of a problem. Cable ends have, but not posts.

fold down canopy for your fairway mower Build a Fold Down Canopy for your Fairway Mower
18 Oct 2010 - Mechanics - Eric Kulaas
We have a low ceiling and a lower lift so to get the fairway mowers on we need to fold down the canopies. Years ago we used a model of fold down buggy tops.

The Militant Mechanic Making a Toro Valve Seal Installer
11 Oct 2010 - Mechanics - Eric Kulaas
This is a trick I learned working at the local Toro Distributors. It’s using these two bushings to help install the seals in the valve bank.

Making a Small Trailer Hitch Making a Small Trailer Hitch
7 Oct 2010 - Mechanics - Eric Kulaas
Every course has a lot of equipment and frequently it’s pulled around on a trailer. Typically the trailers come with some sort of a hitch that’s “made” to work with the majority of vehicles.

Edger Design The Cart Path Edger
6 Oct 2010 - Mechanics - Eric Kulaas
Typically edging our cart paths took 3 or 4 people about 3 or 4 days, whether we used push edgers or stick edgers.

Aerator towbar Towbar for your Aerator
4 Oct 2010 - Mechanics - Eric Kulaas
Getting the Aerator out to the greens was always a hassle.

The Militant Mechanic Demo the SIP Reel Grinder
1 Jul 2010 - Mechanics - Eric Kulaas
We just had a demo of the SIP Peerless 7000 reel grinder. What really sets this apart form other grinders is it grinds parallel to the reel rollers

Here’s the disk and I’ve already modified it with new nut serts, now I’m replacing those. Salvage your Hover Mower Disk
17 Jun 2010 - Mechanics - Eric Kulaas
We have several Hover Mowers and they use an aluminum disk with swinging blades to cut.

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