Michael Picken Course How secure are you in your Job? One Superintendent's Story:
11 Jan 2009 - Training & Education - Michael Picken
Imagine one minute everything is fine and then the next you are called into the club’s board room and told you’re out of a job. Former VGCSA president Michael Picken was a casualty in late 2008, here he ruminates about his dismissal and asks whether 12 years in the one position is too long in this day and age.

Riversdale G.C Innovative Storm Water Harvesting.
30 Oct 2007 - Golf - Michael Picken
First of a 6-part Article from Michael Picken, Superintendent at Riversdale Golf Club and ex president of the V.G.C.S.A. The article is on works to improve water capacity at the Golf Course over 5 years.

Riversdale G.C Work Finished at Riversdale G.C
17 Sep 2007 - Golf - Michael Picken
Riversdale Golf Club embarked on a mission to rectify a long standing boundary problem plaguing one of the Clubs classic signature holes, that being the 13th.

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